Is a multidisciplinary team who continuously improve its skill.
Our mission is to develop electronical projects and deliver hardware and software solution
with the best price/performance.

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Our Working Process

More than 20 years of experience in creating innovative hardware and software solutions, allows us offer you our collaboration to realize your unique project.

Create Ideas

We can help you to create your product. The Design and the technical solution are only a small part of job that we can do for you. We ca realize the product that can become your occasion of profit.

Create Design

We study the feasibility, make research for a good technical solution and design the hardware and the software.

Develop the Project

We help you to materialize your idea with a prototype. Like this it is more simple validate the idea, optimize the product and test it on field.

Launch the project

Now your idea is validate. We help you to produce a small quantity (pre-series) of product, so you can go to market and test their marketability before start with a big production. Did your product pass all the tests and are you ready to go production for big quantity?
We can tell you how do it.

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Some of our works

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A-TAG3 family

Data Logger

A-TAG3 family

Smart Badge

Presence Control & safety


Small Spectometer

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Our Italy based company work world wide. Please share freely with us your idea and we will help you to realize your product

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